State Campaigns

Campaign Goal $15.00

Wisconsin, $15.00

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Impact: 883,000 workers

Advocates are calling for a $15 minimum wage. Bill introduced in November 2017.

Rhode Island
Campaign Goal $10.50

Rhode Island, $10.50 (Approved)

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Impact: 12,000 workers

Legislation approved in 2017. Previously, in 2016 and 2014, the minimum wage increased to $9.60 by 2016 and $9.00 by 2015, respectively

$10.10 Current Wage
Campaign Goal $7.25


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Georgia has a state minimum wage law ($5.15) which is lower than the federal minimum wage ($7.25). Therefore, the latter applies.

$5.15 Current Wage
New York
Campaign Goal $15.00

New York, One Fair Wage

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Governor Cuomo has convened a wage board to consider the gradual eliminationof the tipped sub-minimum wage. Currently, the tipped sub-minimum wage varies by region, industry and size of employer.

New Hampshire
Campaign Goal $12.00/$15.00

New Hampshire, $12.00/$15.00

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Impact: 189,000 workers

SB.554 introduced in late December. Wage level of $12 or $15 by 2021, depending on whether health insurance benefits are provided.

Campaign Goal $12.00

Missouri, $12.00

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Impact: 350,000

Could appear on Nov. 2018 ballot.

$7.85 Current Wage
Campaign Goal $15.00

Kentucky, $15.00

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Impact: 638,000 workers

Pre-filled ahead of 2018 session. If adopted, 638,000 workers would benefit, and local jurisdictions would be allowed to adopt their own higher minimum wages.

Campaign Goal $15.00

Indiana, $15.00

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Impact: 1.1 million workers

SB. 121 introduced. If adopted, more than 1.1 million workers would benefit.

Campaign Goal $15.00

Hawaii, $15.00

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Impact: 223,000 workers

SB.2291 introduced and passed by Senate Committee on Labor; referred to Senate Ways and Meants. If approved, 223,000 workers would benefit.